You have only five days to file the First Report of Injury with us, which we then file with the state for you. If you have any questions on filing, please reach out to the Claims Manager Pete Sheffer at

Studies show that, the longer it takes to report an injury, the more costly the claim will be. Both Pete and Deb Handrahan, our road adjuster, are available to speak with you about this. Reach Deb at

Remember to call Nurse Case Manager Marta Silakka when an injury occurs for assistance with an in-network referral and treatment options at Out-of-network medical treatment may not be covered, so the call to Marta is very important in avoiding any out-of-pocket costs.

Marta and the NHADA Workers’ Compensation Trust (WCT) claims team can assist with same-day treatment with a variety of specialists. Emergency room treatment can be avoided and saved solely for “life threatening emergencies.”

Remember to comply with RSA 281-A:23-b, wherein an employer with five or more employees must provide temporary alternative/transitional work opportunities to all employees temporarily disabled by a work-related injury or illness. For assistance with providing light-duty work, contact Bernie Hecht our vocational rehabilitation specialist at Studies show that, if an injured worker is out of work for 12 weeks, the likelihood of their return to work drops to 50 percent. If they are out of work for one year, that likelihood drops to less than 5 percent! Light-duty work keeps the injured employee connected to work and allows them to safely heal from their injury while staying productive in the workplace.

Bernie is available to attend safety committee meetings, managers meetings, and staff meetings to provide an overview of the workers’ comp process.

If you have any changes in your location, tax ID number, or staffing, please contact Marianne Gourgiotis at