Course content that supports the training of technicians and both sales and service departments.

Webinar Recurring

Hazardous Materials Certification Rolling Enrollment

In automotive-related businesses, you may have employees who prepare hazardous materials, such as car batteries, airbags, degreaser or paints for shipment to other facilities...

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Webinar Apr 08, 2021

Conflict Resolution Through Effective Communication

Communication Conflict is not inherently negative and is rarely about the issue. Rather, it’s about how it’s handled. This session looks at the dynamics of conflict and...

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Webinar Apr 20, 2021

Leadership Series: "CASH is the Oxygen for Your Business"

Revenue is Vanity . . . Profit is Sanity . . . CASH is King If you don’t manage your CASH, it will manage YOU! Presenter: Bill Napolitano ProActive Leadership Group This...

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Webinar Apr 29, 2021

Rev Up Your Career in Automotive Accounting: Be More Than Overhead – Intermediate

This session will cover automotive accounting issues, including: Making the most of your manufacturer financial statements Reviewing dealership internal controls Working with...

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Webinar May 12, 2021

NH Title Regulations

Failure to properly adhere to New Hampshire statute and regulation regarding titles can result in significant dealership fines and suspension and/or revocation of dealer...

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Webinar May 13, 2021

Data Security & Cyberattacks: What Every Dealer Counsel Should Know About Emerging Risks

Cyberattacks are on the raise and being seen more and more within the automotive industry. Join us for an informational webinar on "Data Security & Cyberattacks: What Every...

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