Body shops represent a major opportunity for franchised dealerships. Less than 40 percent of dealerships have body shops, yet these shops generate billions of dollars in sales. NADA examines the body shop business with three new Driven management guides.

Intended for dealers who operate — or contemplate operating — body shops, these guides aim to help dealers develop the most efficient production methods, target marketing to their best customers, and turn their body shops into profit centers.

Insurance companies are the largest body shop customer, but there are plenty of other customers. A Dealer Guide to Body Shop Marketing (SP31) discusses how to define your market, focus your message, and reach all your customers.

A Dealer Guide to Body Shop Production Management (SP33) looks at the pros and cons of the various production methods and apprentice systems, and offers specific advice and formulas on controlling workflow and managing parts. A Dealer Guide to Pumping Up Profits in Your Body Shop (SP32) provides formulas to determine and improve your shop’s performance, as well as your staffing and pricing structure, effective labor rate, and facility and technician utilization.