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When an employee is injured at work the NHADA WCT staff encourages members to call us with information about the injury as well as for assistance with an in-network referral for medical treatment. 

While some members always call us there are some members who do not. 

This is not to say that employers who don’t call us are doing the wrong thing when it comes to workers comp; but there are more reasons to call us at the time of an injury other than knowing which urgent care to present to. 

Here are some of those reasons:

  • A Paper Trail! When we get the call, we do more than assist with a medical referral; we start managing the claim even before your official paperwork arrives.  In some instances, a member may “forget to file” and our notes prompt a reminder call and help avoid fines from the Department of Labor.

  • The Network! The call to us for assistance with an in-network referral assures all involved parties the injured worker will receive the most appropriate level of care ASAP.  NHADA-WCT has built relationships with providers offices that promise same day care and in most instances without any wait time.  This even includes specialty referrals such as orthopedics, occupational medicine and ophthalmology just to name a few.

  • TAD! Temporary Alternative Duty is often suggested on the first medical evaluation and our notes from your call matched up with the NH WC Medical Form allows us to assist members with the injured workers return to work and help avoid unnecessary lost time from work.

  • OSHA! There are some injuries that will require a member to contact OSHA within 24 hours of the injury.  We are your resource for knowing when to make that call.  Also, some injuries may prompt a visit from OSHA and the sooner we are aware of that the sooner we can get someone from our Loss Prevention staff out to your business to help prepare for that visit.

  • Early Claims Management! The earlier the NHADA WCT staff is notified of an injury the earlier we can start managing the claim.  Early intervention leads to better outcomes. 

  • Gathering All the Pieces! Members file a First Report of Injury with us when an employee is hurt on the job and we file that report with the state for you but; there are so many more pieces to the puzzle.  Some injury reports will prompt the NHADA- WCT staff to ask the member for additional information.  Some examples are Second Injury Fund information, video surveillance, and wage information just to name a few.  Early calls help us gather additional information that will assist in the prompt management of the claim.

  • Who Doesn’t Want to Talk to the Nurse? When the call comes in to report an injury we often hear; “Ugghhh I hate calling because it means something bad happened”.  Don’t worry we can get the formality out of the way and take a minute to talk about the weather if that makes you feel better 😊

  • 800-852-3372 – Don’t forget to call!

Marta J Silakka RN, BSN, CCM, COHN-S, Nurse Case Manager

As the Nurse Case Manager for the Workers Comp Trust; Marta oversees the medical management of the injured workers claims. She assists in referrals within the managed care network and maintains communication between the injured worker, medical providers, employers, and the claims team. Marta also writes for Drive: NH with a focus on health related issues and case management topics. Outside the office she enjoys cooking and organizing social functions for her friends and family as well as spending time with her dogs.