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Dan Bennett, Vice President of Government Relations Feb 3, 2022 5 min read

Legislative Update: Upcoming Bills & How They May Impact Your Business

Annual Vehicle Safety Inspections Being Attacked Once Again

We need your input and voice in our legislative activity. As we have always said, “Our voice at the Statehouse in Concord is only as loud as yours back home!”

The NH House of Representatives and Senate sessions opened with a flood of conversation on some very important issues.

In this session, 966 bills have been filed as of this writing and an additional 148 were filed but withdrawn. Every bill will get a public hearing, a committee vote, and a full chamber vote. If the bill is successful at crossover, it will flip chambers and get another shot at the other side of the bicameral body, before making it to the governor’s desk.

This is the second year of the legislative cycle, which is usually lighter and ends earlier so legislators can get back home to work with constituents and campaign. This year the session ends almost a full month earlier than last year — the end of May — but the legislative load seems no lighter.

From the bills filed, NHADA has already identified critical issues to help ensure you have a great workplace and a productive and profitable business. Our watch list began the session with over 130 bills of concern.

In the coming months, NHADA will frequently educate you on many issues and ask for your support and voice. The most important piece of legislation you’ll hear about is:

HB-1462: A repeal of the Vehicle Inspection Program for all non-commercial (private) vehicles. This bill, filed once again by Rep. Casey Conley (D-Dover) and co-sponsored by Rep. Kevin Craig (R-Lancaster), Rep. Andrew Prout (R-Hudson), Rep. Matthew Santonastaso (R-Rindge), Rep. Rosemarie Rung (D-Merrimack), Rep. Peter Torosian (R-Atkinson) is a dangerous one.

Defeating this bill is our highest priority. The bill flies in the face of roadway safety for all citizens and motorists in NH. We will take on this fight armed with data and information regarding the risks associated with unsafe vehicles and the value of safety inspections. We will need your assistance with this fight. Representatives both on the Transportation Committee and in the full House will need to hear from you with a phone call and/or email.

We will also remain vigilant on other roadway safety issues such as defending the distracted driving law and ensuring the integrity of motorcycle safety efforts.

We have hit the ground running so stay tuned. Remember to be prepared and be loud when we issue a call to action. When critical issues come up for a vote in committee or in the full chamber, we will empower you with information. We will ask you to contact your legislator. Legislators are your elected officials sent to Concord by you to represent your interests. Their hearing from you is critical and makes all the difference. Be ready to show your grassroots.

Let me know if you have any questions on the above or any legislative matters. I can be reached at .