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Gordon-Darby NHOST Services, Inc.Feb 24, 20221 min read

OBD Inspection Program Provides Free Toner & Paper to Stations

As part of the current OBD Inspection program contract with the State of NH, Gordon Darby provides inspection stations with a number of toner cartridges each calendar year, at no charge. Stations are eligible to receive up to 2 free toner cartridges per unit each year. They will begin the initial shipments of toner cartridges to everyone beginning on Monday, February 21st. Please remember that toner is also available to be purchased on the NHOST unit in the Administrative Tools menu under “Order Spares”.

Additionally, they will be shipping reams of paper free of charge to each station in the program for use with the NHOST inspection units. This free paper, as part of the current contract, is being shipped to stations each calendar year. The amount of paper being shipped to each station is based upon the number of stickers the station issued last year.

Please note that the label on the packages will not show Gordon Darby as the shipper as the packages are being shipped by a third party. However, in the top line where the station name is, you will see the following notation: NHOST PAPR for the paper shipments and NHOST TONR for the toner shipments.


Once again, Gordon Darby thanks and commends all of the inspection stations and mechanics for maintaining the highly successful OBD II/Safety Inspection program operations.

If you have any questions concerning this message, please contact the Help Line at 1-800-383-4124.