Last week we provided members with an update as the state transitioned from Safer at Home 2.0 to the Universal Best Practices guidelines. Most of the guide is pretty straight forward but one section left the reader a bit confused in its interpretation. The mentioned section is probably the most important section as it does have a “requirement” unlike the rest of the document uses words like: could, should, and encouraged. 

We made a call to the NH DHHS DPHS Bureau of Infectious Disease Control on our members behalf for some clarification; here is a summary of what we now know of the requirement. 

Section 12 Public Health Contact Tracing, Isolation, and Quarantine 

In this section it is explained that contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine, should be a collaborative effort between the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) Bureau of Infectious Disease Control (BIDC) and the business or organization where the COVID-19 exposure occurred. Section 12a goes on to further explain that COVID-19 exposures at businesses and organizations should be promptly reported to the state and that reporting is a requirement per RSA141-C.

Our call to the state clarified that employers and organizations are required to make this call if they learn of an employee, customer, vendor, or volunteer has tested positive for COVID-19. The word “should” in the sentence is superseded by the requirement per the RSA.

Per RSA 141-C reporting of infectious diseases and furnishing requested infectious disease related business information (including patron and employee information) is a requirement. Every positive COVID-19 case involving an employee, customer, vendor or volunteer in your business or organization must be reported by calling NH DHHS DPHS Bureau of Infectious Disease Control at 603-271-4496.

Please reach out with any questions at 800-852-3372 or email Marta at


Marta J Silakka RN, BSN, CCM, COHN-S, Nurse Case Manager

As the Nurse Case Manager for the Workers Comp Trust; Marta oversees the medical management of the injured workers claims. She assists in referrals within the managed care network and maintains communication between the injured worker, medical providers, employers, and the claims team. Marta also writes for Drive: NH with a focus on health related issues and case management topics. Outside the office she enjoys cooking and organizing social functions for her friends and family as well as spending time with her dogs Gracie and Sawyer.