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Brendan Jaworski, Sales RepresentativeJan 30, 20201 min read

How Consistent is Your Brand?

A polo with your organizations name and logo is a simple and easy uniform. How your employees dress not only effects how they look and feel but your customers as well. Consistent branding is an incredibly important business practice. 

[Case Study]: NHADA Helps Outfit Tulley Automotive Group With Custom Apparel

Look Good, Feel Good

Consistent branding when it comes to dress, will make your employees feel more confident on the job. Uniform attire gives your employees a sense of identity and unity. This can lead to a stronger team dynamic in your workplace. A Jacket, quarter-zip or polo with your company logo is comfortable, professional and practical.

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Appeal to your customers

Dressing uniformly will exude professionalism to your customer base. A staff that is wearing your logo is easily recognizable for customers. Your customers will know that they can trust a smiling face that is wearing attire with your logo on it. This will create a positive association between your brand and the goods and services that you provide. If someone has a positive experience they are more likely to return. 

Free Advertising

When your employees wear their work apparel outside of work it shows that they take pride in your company and what they do. By wearing clothing with your logo they are increasing the exposure for your business. Your logo on the street is a form of subliminal advertising and affects potential customers subconsciously. When making a decision, a customer may remember seeing your logo somewhere or having a positive interaction with someone that was wearing it.

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Brendan Jaworski, Sales Representative

As the Sales Representative in the Products Division, Brendan is responsible for generating new business, regaining lost business, and maintaining existing business. He also is responsible for creating online monthly specials, running the weekly Insider program, and expanding the catalog of products the division has to offer. Outside of work, Brendan enjoys spending time with his friends, family, and hitting the links any time he can.