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The University of Southern Maine has developed three modules for employers, employees, as well as an instructor-led module in a no-cost online program for retail workers in preventing and responding to violence in the workplace.


All three versions of the training address the types of violent threats in retail workplaces, including robbery, shoplifting, unwelcome walk-ins, and threats from customers or employees. Employers and employees will learn how to respond to violence or the threat of violence by reading body language and using de-escalation techniques.

Employers will also learn how to establish a workplace violence prevention program. The instructor-led version is suitable for educating groups of retail employees in about one hour. A downloadable facilitator guide helps the trainer present the online material, including group discussions and activities.

The training was developed to meet the needs of the busy retail workplace. The online program is free and accessible from any computer or mobile device. Participants may login when convenient and complete the training at their own pace. After successful completion, participants may download a certificate of completion.  

Go to to access any of the training options.

Please contact Mark Richards of University of Southern Maine  for any questions | (207) 780-4527

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