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By: Pat Austin, Loss Prevention Representative and Environmental Representative

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to disrupt our everyday lives, and this isn't going away anytime soon.  The customer experience you create and the service you provide during these times will have a long-lasting impact on consumers. 

When things return to “normal”, consumers will remember the positive experiences they had and gravitate towards these businesses. Put yourself in your customer's shoes — would you want to revisit your showroom? Is your service department operating safely? What measures have you put in place? 

These are just a few to get you started.

Conversely, consumers will not forget the companies that didn’t provide the experience they expected and required.



Let's face it, the voice of the consumer has always been at the heart of creating a customer-centric business.  First, we must listen to what our customers are asking for — this is key for creating a positive consumer experience.  If you don’t listen effectively it will be difficult to improve upon the services you offer.


Ask and you shall receive. It's true — if you don't ask how will you ever know? Utilize email campaigns and surveying tools to tailor your experience to suit the needs of the customer. Don't be afraid to receive constructive criticism, it'll help you in the long run.

Go Beyond "Yes" or "No".

Let customers tell you in their own words how they are actually feeling about their experience.  Go beyond the simple “yes” or “no” format in your surveys/ questionnaires.  Emotions are very much at the core of current customer feedback.  Their words will help you act swiftly to answer questions on where you can improve as well as help you show empathy in this challenging environment.

Remain Diligent.

I'd like to use an analogy here. The parallels between The COVID-19 Pandemic and winter storm clean-up have a great deal in common.  When the first storm of the season hits, it is all hands on deck and not one area is left untouched.  As Winter progresses and human nature kicks in, we grow tired of what has kept the facility clear of slip-and-fall related injuries. 

Just as we get our first taste of Spring weather, someone slips and falls on ice in the parking lot.

This same ideology can be applied to our current state. Businesses all over the world swiftly jumped into action and created processes when we were in the infancy stages of the pandemic. Now, as time passes, it is easy to understand how we are all guilty of letting our guard down from time-to-time. Don't let this be the case.

COVID-19 is no less a threat today as it was in late March.

Use NHADA as a resource hub. Over the last several months, we've worked to create a COVID-19 section of the website. Here you'll find informative articles about the state of the pandemic and the impacts it is having on the New Hampshire's Motor Vehicle industry. 

You'll also want to head over to our online store where our Products Division has sourced a wide-variety of PPE to help keep your business safe. Sanitizers, Sneeze-Shields, Wipes, Masks, etc. all available here.

Author Headshot

Pat Austin, Loss Prevention Representative and Environmental Representative

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