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Dan Bennett, PresidentDec 19, 20191 min read

Significant Changes Made in the NH Inspection Program


Beginning January 1st there will be significant changes made in the NH Inspection Program. It is important that all inspectors at your station read this notice, please print it out and make it available for everyone.

The biggest change will be in the way inspection stickers are to be printed. Beginning on January 1st, the backers you have been using for the last 2 1/2 years will no longer be valid to use, the NHOST system will only accept sticker numbers from the new sticker forms. The new sticker forms are being shipped to stations now, but the system won't allow them to be used until January 1st.

Be sure to do a trial run with the training sticker forms left at your station when the new NHOST unit was delivered. On the "Main Menu" click on "Information and Training Material" button. Then click the "Windshield Sticker Training" button, sign in and follow the prompts. If you would like additional training sticker forms please call the Help Line (1-800-383-4124) and we will ship some to you.

In order for us to retrieve the backers that you may have left over, a pre-paid envelope will be included in your first shipment of sticker forms. You must return all unused backers in the pre-paid envelope AFTER January 1. 2020 to avoid charges for the unused backers.

Because there have been changes made in the software that the NHOST uses, we urge everyone to read each screen in the inspection process carefully. Answering a question incorrectly, or missing a prompt given during the inspection procedure, may cause unexpected results for that inspection.

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Line at 1-800-383-4124