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NHADAFeb 17, 20211 min read

[Scam Alert] Potential Scammer With History in NH May Have Resurfaced

NH auto shops should use caution as it seems that a past scammer named Oldenquist might be back.

Just recently, a dealership let NHADA know that a Rob Oldenquist recently tried to buy a used truck, pay remotely, and have it delivered to Kentucky. This Oldenquist is apparently tied to these businesses:

  • DRO Performance Horses
  • DRO Landscaping

Neither NHADA nor the dealer is alleging any illegal actions by Oldenquist, DRO Performance Horses or DRO Landscaping; however, like with any vehicle purchaser, the seller should use caution.

Background Information

According to the Keene Sentinel, Daniel Oldenquist of Ayer, MA pleaded guilty to three felony charges of theft by deception for illegally obtaining control of two vehicles each from Rountree Ford, Fairfield’s Auto and Keene Chrysler in 2015 by falsely indicating money would be wired to the dealerships within a week.

According to the Union Leader, in 2018, Daniel Oldenquist wrote $150,000 in bad checks and was charged with a number of crimes. Oldenquist skipped a plea hearing on that case in early 2020. 

Finally, according to Manchester Link, Daniel Oldenquist, of Greenfield, was indicted on five counts of issuing bad checks and two counts of theft by deception involving $163,990. He wrote bad checks to Deep Green Landscaping and to NHADA member James R. Rosencrantz & Sons.

We would like to reiterate that neither NHADA nor the dealer are alleging any illegal actions by Oldenquist, DRO Performance Horses or DRO Landscaping. NHADA urges its members to use caution with regard to all sales. Be sure to contact member support or call NHADA at (800) 852-3372 if you think you are dealing with a scam or have fallen victim to a scam.