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NHADAFeb 23, 20211 min read

[Scam Alert] NHADA Members Report Fake Invoice Statements

NHADA was alerted of a new scam this past week that has shown up in New Hampshire. Multiple NHADA members received billing statements in the mail that seemed suspicious. The statements did not have a purchase order listed and this was a red flag to the recipients.

The NHADA members took the correct precautions by forwarding the documents to staff for verification. After learning that the purchases were not legitimate, the dealers then contacted the businesses who sent the statements. Both Hi-Tech Industrial and United Chemicals said that the statements were "quotes". The members then alerted NHADA of the scam.

The above documents look legitimate and can easily be overlooked. After conducting research about Hi-Tech Industrial Company and United Chemicals Company LLC, both Non BBB-Accredited business, NHADA found multiple reports of other businesses falling prey to this scam. Hi-Tech Industrial received five 1-star reviews from businesses who have been scammed this month alone. United Chemicals has received 11 customer complaints and 16 1-star reviews. United Chemicals has contacted multiple NHADA members.

Thank you to our NHADA members for being vigilant with regard to these suspicious documents. NHADA urges its members to use caution when dealing with unrecognized businesses. Be sure to contact member support or call NHADA at (800) 852-3372 if you think you are dealing with a scam or have fallen victim to a scam.