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Brian Duplessis, ASP, Loss Prevention SupervisorApr 21, 2022< 1 min read

Safety Hack to Prevent Serious Razor Blade Contact Injuries

Every year the NHADA Workers’ Compensation Trust receives claims for technicians who seriously slice themselves from inadvertent contact with improperly disposed razor blades. These injuries are bloody and sometimes severe. Razor blades are used extensively in the shop and in Recon.

Preventing these injuries can be accomplished with two simple, but often ignored procedures. First, NHADA Loss Prevention STRONGLY recommends that blades only be used with proper scraper handles and not just the blade itself in hand. Secondly, all used blades need to be properly disposed of so that inadvertent contact isn’t possible.

Razorblade disposal containers can be purchased through a number of safety suppliers i.e., Martor. Another easy and inexpensive way to ensure proper disposal is to employ a little hack where you convert old coffee cans into razor blade disposal containers. Just add a label and cut a hole in the top. When full, you can simply tape up the opening and either recycle or dispose of the full container as solid waste.

NHADA Loss Prevention provides no-cost safety and environmental consulting services to members of the Workers’ Compensation Trust.
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