Workers' Compensation
for Motor Vehicle Businesses

Keep more dollars in your pocket through your NHADA membership and the Workers' Compensation Trust.
The NHADA WCT is one of the most successful self-insured trusts in the State of New Hampshire. Started in 1982, the Workers’ Compensation Trust has successfully kept rates low and consistent, with none of the volatility found in the typical commercial workers’ compensation market.
In addition, the Workers’ Compensation Trust has returned to our Members over $92.7 million in rebates since our inception. Whatever money is left after claims are paid out is returned to the membership less an administrative expense.

Who Is Eligible?

Only members of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association may be eligible for NHADA Workers' Compensation Trust coverage.

Who is not eligible? Any company involved in gasoline retail sales; any company and/or subsidiary outside of the state of New Hampshire.
What are the requirements for Workers' Compensation? Under New Hampshire Workers' Compensation law RSA 281-A:5, every employer who has any employees, full or part-time, is required to cover these employees with Workers' Compensation insurance written by a carrier. It does not matter if the employees are related, such as a daughter, son, husband, wife, etc. nor does it matter if the business is a "non-profit" organization. Sole proprietors, partners, and self-employed persons are not required to carry Workers' Compensation on themselves.

Per RSA 281-A:2 VIII, a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) that has three or fewer executive officers or LLC members and no other employees, coverage is not mandatory. Once there is a fourth executive officer or LLC member, Workers' Compensation insurance must be obtained. Once coverage is in place, all persons, including all officers or LLC members, are considered employees and would automatically be covered. Up to three executive officers or LLC members may then elect to be excluded per RSA-A:18a.
I'm Ready For A Quote, What Do I Need?
  • Estimated payrolls by classification for a year
  • Three years of loss runs
  • Your current experience modification factor
If I like the quote and want to join the WCT, what's next? You must complete a Workers' Compensation application. Once your application is received, our in-house Loss Prevention Department will visit your facility for a safety walk-through. Once the walk-through has been completed, you will be contacted regarding your status and eligibility.

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When you're ready, one of our team members will be happy to assist you with a quote. Do you still have questions? More FAQs.

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Select Services

Members of the trust receive the highest level of personal care and specialized services to help their motor vehicle business succeed.

Risk Management Our Loss Prevention staff provides every member with two safety and environmental audits per year and industry-specific onsite pieces of training.
ONLINE TRAINING On-line training aims at meeting all OSHA training requirements. We provide our members with annual OSHA 300 and 300A reports on a quarterly basis. 
Managed Care Our in-house Nurse Case Manager assists the injured employee in accessing the most appropriate medical treatment based on their injury.
ANNUAL REBATES We reduce your premium through annual rebates. After claims are paid out, our members receive the remaining amount less an administrative fee. 


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Members of the trust receive annual safety inspections and recurring risk management services.

Written policies tailored to trust members help them comply with OSHA regulations and the DOL.
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