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Dan Bennett, PresidentDec 22, 2020< 1 min read

Rep. Packard Next Speaker of the NH House of Representatives

Representative Sherman Packard will in all likelihood be the next speaker of the NH House of Representatives

sherm packard

At the end of last week, the NH House of Representative Republican members, who are now in the majority 213-187, nominated Rep. Sherm Packard (R-Londonderry) to be the next Speaker of the NH House. The formal vote will be taken by the full body when the House next meets on January 6th, 2021.

Representative Packard is a long time State House veteran having filled many roles including Transportation Committee Chairman, Minority Leader and Deputy Speaker. Rep. Packard is a long time friend of NHADA and the motor vehicle industry. The NHADA congratulates him on this honor. We know he will do an excellent job to guide the House through what is still an uncertain time. There is much work to be done including creating committees and a leadership team as well as figuring out how and where the 20 person committees and 400 member House can meet on session days. We know he is up to the task.