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NHADA FoundationJan 16, 20201 min read

New This Year: Reimbursement Offerings On State Inspection Training

Are you looking to improve your skills? Do you have employees who want to take the next step in their career? You can easily and affordably make that jump with NHADA's Workforce Training Reimbursement Grant, which now offers State Inspection training as part of the financial-aid program.

NH State Inspection training is offered by both Manchester Community College and Lakes Region Community College.

The course is designed to prepare technicians for the New Hampshire Motor Vehicle State Inspection Test. An In depth analysis of the state laws will be thoroughly discussed and reviewed. Technicians will be taught how to properly perform safety inspections as outlined in the Saf-C 3200 Official Inspection Station Rules. Technicians will perform multiple sample hands on Inspections during this course. This course does not replace the mandatory Inspection Overview Course as cited in Saf-C 3205.03 but is designed to be used in addition to increase your knowledge and understanding during testing. Completing this course does not guarantee that you will pass the New Hampshire Motor Vehicle State Inspection Test.

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Already prepared for the inspection test? That's okay! You can use the training grant in two other ways:

  • Student Co-op's: If you have a co-op student who is currently on your payroll, this program allows you to send them to a participating community college class for half of the cost.

  • Growing Your Workforce: Your next top employee could very well be sitting right in your wash bay! Take advantage of this grant to promote from within. With help from this grant you can send someone from your team to a community college automotive class near you.

For inquiries regarding this grant, please contact the NHADA Foundation at 

To apply for the grant, click here.