NHADA Oct 7, 2020 1 min read

NHADA PAC contributes to Senator Jay Kahn

Senator Jay Kahn (left) receives a campaign donation from the NHADA PAC (MVPAC).

Bill Fenton and his daughter, Kaitlin Fenton, of Fenton Family Automotive delivered the donation on behalf of NHADA. The major objective of the Motor Vehicle Political Action Committee (MVPAC) is to assist those candidates who have worked for, and will continue to work for, a suitable business climate in New Hampshire that represents the best interests of members of NHADA, we support those who support us.

During his time in the Senate thus far Senator Kahn has supported many NHADA initiatives and our industry. He is a former member of the Transportation Committee and current chair of the Education and Work Force Development Committee. Both are very important Committees for NHADA and many of our issues are heard in front of them. Best of luck to Senator Kahn in the upcoming election.