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Brian Duplessis, ASP, Loss Prevention SupervisorOct 20, 2022< 1 min read

It's A Good Time of Year for Driver Safety Training

As winter approaches and daylight shrinks to less than 9 hours a day it’s a good time to share driver safety awareness with employees, as darkness and bad weather increase the risk of an accident. That and the fact that our roads are increasingly more dangerous due to higher speeds and distracted drivers makes defensive driving training an important risk management effort to keep employees safe.


NHADA has recently created an automotive-specific defensive driving video training which is an excellent means of getting this important safety information to your employees! The training also has the unique ability to be customized with a brief introduction from you (the owner). This personalization greatly enhances the effectiveness of the training.sideviewmirrortrafficMotor vehicle accidents frequently cause serious injuries, sometimes worse; defensive driving techniques greatly reduce the potential for a crash. So, if you are interested in providing customized driver safety training free on-site for your employees please contact NHADA Loss Prevention at (603) 224-2369, email, or visit the Loss Prevention page of our website.