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Dan Bennett, PresidentMar 12, 2019< 1 min read

House Commerce Committee Shows Bipartisan Support to Help NH Body Shops Protect Consumers, and Keep Roadways Safe

Protect consumers and help keep our roadways safe:

Recently the NH House Commerce Committee voted in a bipartisan manner of 16-4 to support a legislative effort initiated by NHADA members in the collision repair industry to restore balance in the relationship between insurers and collision repair shops that will ultimately benefit the consumer and citizens of NH.

The HB 664 effort, led by the bill sponsor Rep. Kermit Williams, will ensure that vehicles are properly and safely repaired following OEM repair procedures and returned to the customer.

Ultimately HB 664 will provide that safe vehicles are put back on the road and that the consumers investment is protected. The bill was a result of a legislative study committee effort last that fall that many NHADA members participated in.

HB 664 will next move to the full House of Representatives for a vote likely next week. Stay tuned for our call to action to help support the collision repair industry as well as protect consumers and keep our roadways safe.