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You cannot see, feel, or sense in most cases when COVID-19 is present but we absolutely should be adhering to precautions at all times. This includes when we go to work on a vehicle. It is impossible to not put ourselves into a high-risk environment. 

Inevitably, an employee of the business will get inside and behind the wheel of a vehicle of a customer who could have potentially been exposed to COVID-19. The virus is known to have the ability to stay in the air for up to 3 hours, and live on surfaces for times surpassing that amount. 

For this reason, the NHADA Loss Prevention staff recommends using physical barriers where feasible.  For example, nitrile gloves, splash goggles and face-masks.

Note: While OSHA recommends employers consider masks, we recommend eliminating public interaction and adhering to social distancing protocols. This is our preference in light of the shortage of N-95 masks for the healthcare industry, unless of course, employees in this exposure group are interacting with known or confirmed cases.

Your facility likely has these types of Personal Protective Equipment on-site already.   Instructions on how to properly utilize this equipment can be found within the Blood-borne Pathogens training that is available here. Additionally, you could contact your Loss Prevention Representative for on-site training or to drop off a DVD.

Once properly equipped we highly recommend cleaning any surface area that could potentially be touched. The surface could be cleaned at a bare minimum with a disinfectant wipe, but better yet cleaned with soap and water.

For further resources on COVID-19, visit our resource index here.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns at or (800) 852-3372.