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Jean Conlon, AdministrationApr 26, 20191 min read

5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Train Your Employees

Job training: an important business practice that every employer should consider. Most managers wouldn't hire unqualified employees, yet so many employ them.

Let's be honest, training does come at a cost—often times we hear: "we are just too busy right now" or "we just don't have the funding for it."

Sure. These are both valid points and yes, training costs time, money and materials and often times you'll need to get involved with a third party to conduct the training, but have you thought of the cost of not training your employees? Let's take a look at why you should train your staff.

Employee Retention: 

Employee satisfaction translates to reduced turnover. Jobs can turn into careers with proper training and encouragement.


Customer Satisfaction:

Consistent knowledge and understanding of product and company protocols translates into better CSI and return customers.

New Technology Skill Sets:
New technology for your techs or for your computer system all require updates. 

macro photography of black circuit board

Changing Rules and Regulations:

Compliance training in many areas is critical to ensure that you avoid penalties that could involve significant fines or worse.

Safety Training:
Ensuring that your employees know the safety rules and follow them is critical.

Seen enough? We can help obtain training through events, training and seminars right here at NHADA. The best part is—it's all trackable, this way you know how far along your employee is in a particular program. 

Seminars focus on industry-specific best practices and compliance issues, such as employment law, hazardous materials certification, and NH title regulations.

Train your techs for half of the cost through our reimbursement program, including state inspection training through NH community colleges; 

Scholarships available for students (your employees/interns) attending auto, diesel, power-sports or collision repair courses at NH community colleges.

NHADA’s Workers’ Compensation Trust provides safety training through its loss prevention staff, including AED and first aid training.

Questions? Don't be afraid to drop us a line.


Jean Conlon, Administration

Jean is approaching 30 years at NHADA. She coordinates major events as well as in-house seminars and training for the New Hampshire Automotive Education Foundation. She also coordinates the Association Partnership Program. Outside the office, Jean enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and family. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys walking her dog, reading, and painting.