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Chris Trombley Apr 29, 2019 4 min read

3 Video Marketing Tips For Your Dealership [Bonus Tip Included]

3 Ways to Enhance
Your Online Video Presence

Using video to reach prospective buyers in the digital age is becoming a necessity. The type of video content your dealership puts out is what can set your dealership apart. Dealers know that the car business is all about standing out. Here are three different types of video content that are both interesting and helpful to car buying experience.

1. Establish a culture: Staff Introductions

Today, everyone is connected one way or another, whether it's Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook—you name it. Individuals use social media to express themselves and so can you. What better way to show the culture of your dealership than short videos. Staff profile videos can help prospective customers feel more connected to your dealership.  It also allows them to get to know your employees before they walk in the building. These videos allow prospective customers to familiarize themselves with your sales team and make them more approachable.

2. How-to's and tips-and-tricks

This is a great way to get some attention on your service department. Imagine a video series containing advice on maintenance warning signs, seasonal changes to make, FAQs, etc. Not only are these videos informative, but they build trust with your prospective customers.

Studies show that consumers perceive dealership repairs and service as the more expensive option. Use your video content to disprove this and show customers information about actual price ranges and quality of dealership work. Creating content that is helpful for viewers can build credibility and trustworthiness.

3. Keep It Short

Online video content should be specifically tailored to the short attention span. Keeping your videos short allow for play across mobile social platforms. Make your point early and clearly so the viewer knows what they are watching. Short informative videos can help lead the viewer to your dealership’s website (“How to find the right car, explained in 25 seconds” for example).

Here's my rule of thumb: 

Watch the video you are about to post—were there any "dull" moments, or did you find yourself losing interest? If you answered yes, it's probably time to head back to the drawing board. Try to keep it under two minutes for Facebook and Twitter videos should hover around 30-45 seconds.

Ever wonder why our videos are short and concise? Well‚ let's face it—our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Hey... are you listening to me? Snap out of it.

Bonus Tip: Utilize new technology. Drones, stabilizers, lighting kits, microphones, and iPhone add-ons are a great place to start and will help you produce a more professional looking piece.


Chris Trombley

As the Video Production Coordinator, Chris handles all the video production and photography for the association. Chris has 10 years of experience behind cameras with experience ranging across all aspects of video production.