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QB Business: Your ONE-STOP Warranty Solution

Jun. 16, 2022 10:00 AM-10:45 AM


Location: Webinar
Duration: 30-45 minutes 
Tuition: Individual Registration: $19 All funds benefit of the New Hampshire Automotive Education Foundation.
Thomas Hall
Owner/VP of Sales, Operations, and Training at QB Business Solutions
Lumena Litts
Owner/President of QB Business Solutions
Who Should Attend:
General Managers and Dealer Principals are the recommended audience.
In addition, if there are any Parts Managers, Service Managers, Directors, Fixed Operations Managers, VP’s, and “C” Level executives that want to join they are welcome to.
Topics Covered:
• Warranty Reimbursement (primarily)
• Claims Processing
About the Webinar:
With over 40 years of experience, QB Business Solutions is your one stop solution for retail
warranty reimbursement and warranty claims processing service. Automotive dealers lose
thousands everyday by Warranty labor rate not being processed correctly or timely. As state laws
and brands constantly change, our team of experts is your operational partner, staying up to
date with and adapting to any new changes and training needed to obtain the best possible and
sustainable results. Instead of taking on this complicated and time consuming task in house,
rely on QB Business Solutions to take on your Warranty labor rate and get you the results you’re
looking for, so that you can focus on the more important things.

Our main objective is to make sure automotive dealers are getting the money they are entitled to
with our retail warranty reimbursement and warranty claims processing service. For retail
warranty reimbursement, our focus is getting your warranty labor rate close to your door date
and parts to national average or higher. With warranty claims processing, we focus on first paid
submissions being 86% or higher and 2.5 days to submission or less. We enjoy helping
automotive dealers get back on track operationally and become sustainable for the future. We
pride ourselves on integrity, accuracy, and sustainable results, ensuring the client is always first
with satisfaction guaranteed.

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