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By: Steve Rothenberg, CRTC ​Director and Assistant Principal of Concord High School

The CRTC community recognizes Adam Memmolo as our 2019 Champion for Children.

Adam is the Service Manager for Grappone Ford, Mazda and Hyundai.  

In addition, he is a 2003 CRTC Automotive Technology program completer. He graduated from Pembroke Academy.

Adam worked his way up at Grappone where he actually started as a CRTC intern. Today he is in a key leadership role where he is respected for the quality of work, forward leadership, and commitment to workforce development.


Along those lines...One of the most amazing educational experiences you can have is walking through the Grappone shop with Adam and our auto tech teachers.  The number of solidly employed, well paid technicians... who are also CRTC graduates, from not just years, but decades is incredible. They come up, give a warm cheer and a big handshake. This whole scene happens because of Adam's leadership, both up front as well as through quiet channels..

The entire Grappone Auto Group... ably lead by Amanda Osmer... deserve so much recognition for their work as a CRTC partner.  Adam and Amanda are the front ...but their commitment runs deep across many employees who mentor our students. Grappone Automotive Group is the gold standard.

To give you an idea of the details, Adam's CRTC volunteers activity list includes:

  • Facilitating internships and active mentoring about 15 Auto Tech students per year.  (He is “hands on” and closely involved in every relationship).

  • Actively participating on our Auto Tech program advisory board.

  • Arranging financial supports for students who are going off to national competitions including $1,200 for Brian Latham to attend the national SkillsUSA diesel competition this June in Louisville, KY.

  • Being similarly active with our largest post-secondary auto tech partner, Manchester Community College and contributes to a remarkably smooth transition for MANY CRTC students going off to MCC.

  • Volunteering in our Auto classrooms to support efforts around job interviewing skills, non-traditional equity opportunities and workforce training.  For example, this year he has carved out time for all these initiatives including providing our students harassment training, the same exact talk as he would provide at Grappone.  He also participated as an industry interviewer for our fall interview skills 2-day center-wide training.

Adam is one of those partners who we call without any pause; the answer to our request is always “YES”.  

This robust trustworthy relationship is so unique and so valuable to us. He is someone we value tremendously.

Beyond the CRTC, he is involved in the community as a member of the Board of Directors for NH Children's Trust.

Lastly, on personal level, with my elementary aged niece and nephew with me, Adam helped fix my old Saab that died at the Irving station in Warner a couple summers ago. Again, selfless person.. Always willing to help.

For all the reasons previously listed (not the one I just did!).. Adam is a model for being recognized as a Champion for Children.  The CRTC community is grateful for him and hope for many great years of partnering into the future.

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Steve Rothenberg, CRTC ​Director and Assistant Principal of Concord High School

Professional Experience: 25 years as educator; CRTC Director since 2008/2009 (concurrently Assistant Principal), Assistant Principal, District Technology Director, Elementary School Teacher (Walker School). Also 10+ years as summer camp director.

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