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Dan Bennett, PresidentNov 17, 20211 min read

The 2022 Legislative Session is Near and We Only Need 1 Thing: You!

To be successful in Concord, NHADA will need you and your grassroots voice to help us win. Your voice and strong reputation in the community have proven to be one of our strongest assets in our lobbying efforts.

Beginning in January the Legislature will start to hear bills for the 2022 session. As of right now, there are 875 different bill filings on an incredibly wide variety of topics.

Our elected officials will diligently get through all of the bills as best as they can to decide their fate by the first of June so that they can get back in their district and do some campaigning for the September primary and November general election. 

There are at least three bills filed as of now that propose to repeal or modify the annual vehicle safety inspection program, opposing these will be one of NHADA’s highest priorities. We hope that you will make it one of yours too.

As the session unfolds, the NHADA legislative team and committee will review all bills of impact, track, and weigh in on them (for better or for worse). When the time is right we will issue calls to action that we hope you and your staff will respond to.

Through our legislative outreach system, we will make it easy as a few clicks to contact your legislator and weigh on important bills. Please do so.

We will post and invite you to attend hearings so that you can hear the debates as well as “packing the room,” which always helps.

Stay tuned as the session rolls out, be ready to take action, and remember: Our voice in Concord is only as loud as yours at home.

For questions contact me at or 603-224-2369.