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By: Brian Duplessis, Loss Prevention Coordinator

The NHADA Loss Prevention Department is sponsoring a contest where individuals at WCT members can win prizes for submitting filled out Lot Inspection Reports, photos of well maintained parking lots or ideas aimed at preventing slip/fall injuries.

Entries can submitted within 36 hours of any accumulating snow event by emailing or by form submission.

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All entries will receive a fabulous prize! Prizes will include various gift certificates, nhada apparel, pizza parties, personal snow rakes, or grip lite traction footwear.

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Also, every entry will enter into the end of the season grand prize drawing! A grand prize will also be awarded for the overall best entry as judged by the Loss Prevention staff! So fill out the Lot Inspection Reports, snap those photos or send in your creative ideas to WIN! One entry per person per storm please.

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Brian Duplessis, Loss Prevention Coordinator

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