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Dustin Howe, Loss Prevention RepresentativeJul 6, 20231 min read

OSHA Fines Keene Autoshop Nearly $200,000

Back in April, OSHA visited a motor vehicle business in Keene, NH, and left them with just under $200,000 in fines. They found a total of 5 violations. Five were “serious”, two were “repeat” and three were “other”.

The first repeat violation was operating an automotive lift with a broken safety latch release cable which was held open via vice grips. Fine totaling just over $60,000. The second repeat violation they found was that “goggles or other suitable eye protection shall be used during gas welding or oxygen cutting operations”. The fine total is just over $85,000.

The first “serious” violation was that all workplace exit routes be free and clear of any obstructions. Fine totaling just under $10,000. The second “serious” violation had to do with employers selecting, supplying and having their employees use their personal protective equipment if there are hazards. Fine totaling just over $12,000. The third “serious” violation was for not providing training for employees. Fine just over $12,000. The fourth “serious” violation came from not having legible labeling on electric circuits to indicate their purpose. Fine just over $7,000. The fifth “serious” violation came from not having ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection from all 125-volt electric outlets installed in bathrooms and on rooftops. Fine just under $10,000.

The three “other” violations included not inspecting fire extinguishers monthly, not installing and using labeled equipment as the label instructs, and not using flexible cords and cables “as a substitute for the fixed wiring of a structure.” Those three violations did not carry a fine.

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The full article from The Keene Sentinel is available here.