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Dan Bennett, PresidentOct 13, 20211 min read

[Listen Live on 10/14]: NHADA Steps in to Defend Body Shops at the NH Supreme Court

A few weeks ago NHADA was alerted to a pending case at the NH Supreme Court between a New Hampshire body shop and an insurance carrier on issues critically important to all NH body shops.

NHADA staff, attorneys at Bernstein Shur, and our Legal Defense Fund (LDF) committee sprang into action and filed an extensively researched legal brief to help protect the rights of NH body shops and consumers and ensure proper reimbursement for repairs.

The oral arguments by the body shop and NHADA in their fight against State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company will be live-streamed, details are below:

When: Thursday, October 14, 2021 @ 10:15 AM

  • 2021-0156 Keene Auto Body, Inc. Steven Piispanen, nonlawyer (5 min.) Amicus: BSS&N (Edward J. Sackman) for New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association (10 min.) v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company PPE&C (Brendan D. O’Brien) (15 min.)

This decision to move ahead, which has a hefty price tag, was one that we all acknowledged has deep ramifications for all collision repairers. The willingness of the NHADA and our Legal Defense Fund to get engaged holds true to the committee's mission of providing financial assistance to any member who is involved in a legal matter that may impact all members.
When the issues in the case at the Supreme Court have such industry and member-wide impact, it is critical that we bring the strongest argument and fight to the court, that is what we have done.

While the process at the NH Supreme Court may not be a speedy one, rest assured that NHADA and the strong team of attorneys at Bernstein Shur, namely Ned Sackman and Hilary Holmes Rheaume, are working hard to achieve success.
We will keep all NHADA members posted as the case proceeds.