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Dan Bennett, PresidentJun 17, 20221 min read

New Team in Place at the DMV and All Cylinders are Firing

The DMV Director John Marasco has been in the driver’s seat of the DMV for a little over 3 months now. He stomped on the gas pedal and has not let up once since the flag dropped on his appointment to the DMV.


 Director Marasco came to DMV after a long career with the NH State Police, along with Deputy Director Michael Todd. They are assembling a “dream team” of staff to ensure that they successfully implement and achieve the mission of the DMV. NHADA fully supports Director Marasco and the direction he and his team are guiding the DMV. NHADA has been very fortunate to have a great relationship and open lines of communication with the DMV and State Police and this is clearly continuing with Director Marasco.

The two main divisions that our members deal with are the Registration Bureau (which oversees the Dealer & Inspection desk) led by Jeff Oberdank and Deputy Kathy Dyment and the Title Bureau with the newly hired Title Bureau Supervisor Jenn O’Leary. Jenn is assisted by Deputy Supervisor Shyloh Casey.

We know that both NHADA and the DMV are excited to see the team fully-staffed and ready to tackle their roles.  We look forward to working with them and assisting when possible, as well as growing our great relationship.