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By: Pete McNamara, President


In the 33 days since Governor Chris Sununu vetoed HB 664, you all have helped us in one of our toughest legislative battles to date.

We were up against some tough foes like the Governor’s office, the Insurance department, insurance companies and last minute opposition from the Auto & Truck Recyclers of NH and, of course, the high bar of a 2/3’s vote needed to overturn the veto. 

Unfortunately, we lost the battle to overturn the veto on a vote of 241 Yea’s to 132 Nay’s — 7 votes short. In order to overturn a Governor’s veto you need 2/3rds of those present and voting to support it or vote Yea, unfortunately we fell just short. HB 664 was one of the most contentious battles fought at the State House yesterday. Below you’ll find a short recap and voting information.

Don’t lose heart. Ensuring safe repair of vehicles following an accident using manufacturer recommended repair procedures will become law because it is the right thing to do for your customers and the citizens of New Hampshire. We will be fighting for safe roadways in the upcoming legislative session.

With your help we left no stone unturned. NHADA and you converted former Nay’s to Yea’s, we picked up absent voters to support us on veto day, had in-person visits at shops, made personal calls to representatives at home, did radio and facebook ads, and you sent over 8,700 emails to Representatives and Senators urging them to overturn the veto of HB 664.

You can find out how your representative voted hereHere is a list of just the "yea" votes. And the "nay" votes can be found her

A special thanks goes to a few Representatives who fought for us on the House floor yesterday; Representatives Kermit Williams (D-Wilton), Ed Butler (D-Hart’s Location), Christy Dolat Bartlett (D-Concord) and a lone brave Republican David Love (R-Derry), pictured below.


We were opposed on the House floor by Representatives John Hunt (R-Rindge) and Jeanine Notter (R-Merrimack).

The vote on HB 664 unfortunately got caught up in a misinformation campaign and became political, rather than being issue based.

It’s important to note that HB664 passed the House the first time around by over a 2/3rds majority vote of support and a unanimous voice vote of support in the Senate. When it was tangled up with the politics of supporting Sununu on his 55 vetoes, we won on our issue very handily.

We could never have made such an impact and spread the word on our issue without the grassroots commitment made by you all and your staff. Our message was heard loud and clear in all corners of the state and we will be successful going forward.

Thank you for all that you do and let me know if you have any questions.

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Pete McNamara, President

As the President of the Association, Pete McNamara works with the NHADA professional team to carry out the goals and objectives of the five different corporate boards that make up the Association. Pete is a CAE (Certified Association Executive), licensed attorney and has earned the IOM (Institute for Organization Management) certificate. His passion is promoting the high tech and high wage auto tech careers. Outside the NHADA HQ, Pete enjoys cycling, camping, making pizzas and hanging with his family and friends.

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