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NHADAJan 11, 20241 min read

Fraudulent Vehicle/Tire Purchases Attempted: The Need to Know Details

We were alerted by one of our members of a serious incident involving a fraudulent attempt at a vehicle purchase. The details of this incident are crucial for all of us to note and be vigilant about in future transactions.

  1. Geographical Red Flag: The customer involved in this fraudulent activity was based out of Kansas City, which is significantly distant from New Hampshire where the transaction was attempted. This unusual geographical disparity served as the first red flag.
  2. Suspicious Credit Activity: It was observed that the customer had numerous recent credit pulls. During the process of purchasing the vehicle, a fraud check was initiated. When confronted with specific questions, the customer feigned phone connectivity issues and abruptly ended the call.
  3. Identity Theft: Further investigation revealed that the identity of James Hawkins had been compromised. The perpetrator was impersonating Mr. Hawkins and using his credit information to attempt the purchase of vehicles.
  4. Compromised Contact Information: The phone number associated with this fraudulent activity is 860-785-5976. We urge all members to be cautious if they encounter transactions involving this number.

We strongly advise all members of our association to remain extra vigilant and to look out for warning signs of unscrupulous activity.

Recent fraudulent activities weren't limited to vehicle sales. There was an incident involving a customer using the email, who allegedly attempted to buy tires from a member using a credit card via email. The specifications of the tires in question are as follows:

  • Size: 275/50 R 20 and 245/50 R 20.

They had requested the cheapest tires of those specific makes, without any installation, mounting, or balancing.
It's imperative to report any suspicious activity immediately to prevent potential fraud. Let's work together to maintain the integrity and safety of our businesses.