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Electric Vehicle Charging
National Auto Dealers Association (NADA)Mar 21, 20241 min read

EPA Announced Final GHG Emissions Rule Wednesday

At noon on Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its final rule related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requirements for new vehicles during model years 2027-2032. These standards will effectively require OEMs to substantially increase their production of electric vehicles as a percentage of total vehicles sold.   

The EPA’s final rule remains too aggressive and far ahead of consumer demand. Our experience working with consumers every day makes us highly skeptical that consumers will adopt EVs anywhere near the levels required. The charging infrastructure is not ready, the current incentives are not sufficient, and high EV prices will price out millions of consumers, particularly low-income Americans, from the new-car market.

While near-term improvements were made to the proposed greenhouse gas rule due to the efforts of NADA and thousands of its dealer members, NADA urges the Administration to track actual EV sales versus projections and make necessary adjustments to its requirements to reflect actual consumer demand.

America’s franchised new car and truck dealers have promoted and will continue to promote electrification with billions of dollars in investments in facilities, training, and inventory already committed.

NADA remains committed to advocating for sound policy that aligns with consumer demand and the current realities of the country’s electric charging infrastructure.

Click here for a summary of NADA’s advocacy efforts related to the EPA’s rule.