Straight from the desk of DMV Title Bureau Chief Priscilla Vaughan, any dealers that sell 5 or more salvage vehicles in one year must report them to NMVTIS. If the Title and Anti-Theft Bureau is alerted to a dealer not complying, they will issue you a letter referencing both the law and your requirement to report. 

An excerpt from the letter states:

"Enclosed is a list of vehicles that must be reported to NMVTIS, Pursuant to the Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992 (Public Law 102-519), Reported to NMVTIS by NMVTIS Direct Reporting Service for Junk and Salvage (JSI). 
 All stages of disposition and all garages, dealers, tow companies, insurance co. etc. in possession of 5 or more vehicles in a 12 month period  are required to report your disposition within 30 days. Disposition status includes Crush, Salvage, Scrap, Sold, and Empty. Failure to report junk vehicles to the national site (NMVTIS) may result in a complete audit by DOJ which they may fine you up to $1,000 per vehicle.

The attached copies are only the vehicles that DMV found not reported. 
Please be sure to check your records for other vehicles not reported to NMVTIS.  Please comply within 30 days as the title bureau will be monitoring your compliance as required by RSA 261:22.

Please visit the following website to register if you have not already done so:”

 If you are in the business of selling salvage vehicles please ensure compliance with the law. 

For questions on this or any other DMV related matter please do not hesitate to contact me at or (800) 852-3372.