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NHADAAug 31, 2023< 1 min read

Continue Practicing Caution: Another Scam Attempt

Recently, the owner of a franchised dealership was the target of another scam attempt.

They received a phone call on their personal cell phone at approximately 8:45 PM claiming to be Bank of America fraud support regarding a pending wire transfer on their Bank of America account. The caller did not specify which account and when questioned why they were calling so late, answered that they were "just getting around to it".  

The business's bank accounts were reviewed and have had no suspicious activity thus far. They will continue to monitor their accounts.

The caller had called from phone number 1-800-317-6845 and provided a call back number of 1-888-436-8828.  They had stated that their name was Jessie from Texas and gave a reference number of DCD3WAEU9.

Digital transactions have become an integral part of our lives, and this latest criminal endeavor is a good reminder to be vigilant about all suspicious interactions. Today's technology has given rise to increasingly sophisticated scams. By staying informed about common scam tactics, maintaining a healthy skepticism, and practicing robust security measures, we can maintain a safer business environment.