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Dan Bennett, PresidentDec 5, 20191 min read

Cheshire and Hillsborough County SQG Self-Certification Due

If your facility is located in Cheshire or Hillsborough county, and you are registered as a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) of hazardous waste with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), your facility’s self-certification form is due to the NHDES by January 1, 2020. 

You may remember this program from three years ago, though the forms and information to be filed out may have changed since the last time you were required to submit them.

The SQG self-certification program requires a facility that generates small quantities (under 220 pounds a month) of hazardous waste to complete a set of required forms once every three years. The forms require a fee of $90 per year for a total submittal of $270, and each facility must verify and attest to compliance with all of the applicable environmental rules and regulations that affect each facility.
If you are a registered generator of hazardous waste with an active EPA ID number, you should just be receiving your forms in the mail. The NHDES mailed copies of the form to each facility on or around October 1. If you are not in receipt of your facility’s copies or do not receive them you are required to notify the NHDES; they will ensure that you receive them. As always, NHADA Environmental Specialist Dan Bennett stands ready to assist you with the completion of the required self-certification and notification forms. The SQG self-certification process presents opportunities and options for a facility to review and reduce the hazardous waste generated at each facility. An advantage of this self-audit for certain facilities is the potential of discovering that you no longer need to comply with the rule, and ultimately reducing your environmental regulatory burden, costs, and liability.

If you have any questions regarding your facilities generator status, this rule and its requirements or any other environmentally related issues, do not hesitate to contact Dan Bennett at 224-2369 or by email at