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IRSMay 16, 20241 min read

Businesses Can Add More Users for IRS Energy Credits Online

The IRS Energy Credits Online tool lets multiple people register as users on behalf of their entity. For continuity of access to the clean energy online tools, the IRS encourages each entity to have more than one Clean Energy Officer.

Additional users are vital for the continuity of access. If an entity has only one user and that person leaves, no one currently associated with the entity will have the authority to act on its behalf.

Clean Energy Officer
The first person to register with IRS Energy Credits Online is automatically the entity’s Clean Energy Officer. A Clean Energy Officer can:

  • Authorize additional users.
  • Promote other users to Clean Energy Officer. Multiple users can have this role for the same entity.
  • Assign, manage, and revoke permissions, including those of other Clean Energy Officers.

Clean Energy Officers have access to all IRS Energy Credits Online functionality. They’re the only users who can manage authorized users and permissions.

Additional users
Once the first user creates an account for the entity, they can share the registration link with additional users who need access to IRS Energy Credits Online. The IRS recommends having at least two Clean Energy Officers as a best practice to manage access to IRS Energy Credits Online.

User roles
The Clean Energy Officer should pay close attention to these roles assigned to other users in their organization.

  • Dealers or Sellers. Employees who need to submit time-of-sale reports or request advance payments.
  • Manufacturers. Employees who submit periodic reports.
  • Clean energy delegate. Employees of the entity who aren’t officers or other people authorized to have legal responsibility for the entity. A Clean Energy Delegate can access the pre-filing registration tool to request registration numbers the entity needs to make an elective payment election.
  • Clean energy third-party user. Users outside the entity’s organization. This role lets the user request registration numbers the entity needs to make an elective payment election or transfer election on the tax return.

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