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Entering into the 2020/2021 NHADA Slip Fall Prevention contest is easier than ever! All you have to do is snap and submit pictures of clean up activities to the NHADA Loss Prevention team to be entered to win! Members are allowed one entry per weather event and EVERY entry wins a fabulous prize! At the end of the season, the member with the best entries wins the grand prize.

We wanted to share some recent Slip/Fall safety submissions with you to show you how EASY it is to get involved!

Quirkslip fall quirk

Above: HR Director Sarah Foster and Facilities Manager Steve Clermont, both of Quirk Auto Dealers, won NHADA cooler prizes, perfect for the beach or camping! Sarah won for her cleanup submission and Steve for his winter safety trick.

Crest Auto

Crest Auto lot







Above: Chris Weiss of Crest Auto World won a NHADA duffel bag and hoodie for this excellent arial submission of Crest's lot after cleanup efforts.

When you submit images you are also helping out others in the industry! Steve Clermont of Quirk Auto Dealers thought outside of the box to solve a problem at his shop and won a prize for his ingenuity.

runoff bucketrunoff bucket setup







Runoff from the roof was so bad that it would freeze a door shut. Steve installed buckets with rock salt at runoff areas keep it from refreezing and creating unsafe conditions at the facility. Do you have any DIY lot safety hacks that others could benefit from? Be sure to submit your winter safety tricks and tips to win prizes!