Building a reliable and sustainable pipeline of automotive technicians for our member shops takes engagement, time and, yes, money.  This is what the 20 for 20 campaign was all about and because of its success, we are bringing 20 for 20 back for 2019. 

What is 20 for 20?  In short, the goal is to get all 20 Auto Career Technical Education Centers Auto 2 (aka seniors, aka your future techs) students sponsored with a $25,000 raffle ticket.  We far surpassed that last year, and that’s a good thing, because the demand for scholarship support increased as well. 

20 for 20 is really more than just a raffle ticket – its about engagement. Let’s take a look under the hood.  If you sponsor HS program, you get introduced to the class and the students when we hand out the tickets. Then we broadcast your generosity through our social media channels. 

Member tip: Keep an eye out for Bill Gurney and Jessica Dade at this year's convention; you will be asked to participate! Alternatively, get ahead of the game and sponsor a tech right now—online.

But my favorite engagement was when many of the students came to the Big Raffle and brought family members whom bought tickets themselves.  This provided an opportunity for all of you to engage directly with them.


The 20 for 20 campaign jumpstarts 2019 Big Raffle ticket sales.  Focusing on the 20 days prior to the closing of the NHADA Convention, we look for members to sponsor high school automotive 2 technology students through ticket sales in their names.  Many of you sponsored whole high school programs!  This provided EVERY high school Auto 2 tech student with a ticket to the Big Raffle. 

There is a great change to the program this year, if one of the students wins the Big Raffle with a 20 for 20 ticket, the winnings can only be utilized to pay tuition and related expenses within the Community College System of New Hampshire or the University System of New Hampshire.

Ultimately, these are the prospective employees you want for your business and it’s through programs like this that we can entice them to continue their automotive educations.  Furthermore, it demonstrates to the students and their families why choosing a career in the automotive industry is worthwhile.  They can see firsthand the level of support we provide and the family atmosphere we enjoy.

20-Texture-TransBG (1)20 for 20 begins in June so buckle up and get ready.  The NHAEF needs your continued support and our industry needs these students to commit to careers in your shops.  20 for 20 accomplishes exactly that.  We look forward to seeing all of you soon.