Environmental FAQs

Q. How may I compliantly dispose of a used oil filter?

A. In the state of New Hampshire, a facility is not required to recycle used oil filters, although recycling oil filters is the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) best management practice and the approach that will achieve the greatest reduction in environmental liability and impact. A used oil filter may be disposed of as a solid waste provided that:

  • it is non-terne (an alloy of tin and lead) plated;
  • it is drained of all free flowing liquid; and
  • it is either pneumatically or hydraulically crushed or has its casing punctured and be hot-drained for at least 12 hours.

Q. May I operate my used oil furnace in the summer months by venting it outdoors rather than having my used oil hauled away in the summer months?

A. No. A used oil burner may only be operated when used for recycle, or another use, such as creating heat. Burning used oil to solely get rid of it is for disposal and constitutes a non-compliant operation. We do not have a defined-by-dates burn season but more of a "straight-face" test of whether or not the temperature and conditions dictate the necessity of operating a used oil burner.

Q. How often am I going to have to complete the Small Quantity Generator (SQG) Self-Certification form AND pay the fee?

A. The SQG Self-Certification program, its required forms, and associated fee of $60 a year must be completed by all SQGs every three years. See the chart below for your schedule. As always the best thing a facility can do is to source reduce all hazardous waste, drop below SQG levels, and opt out of the program.

1/1/07 and every 3 years thereafter $180
1/1/08 and every 3 years thereafter $180
1/1/09 and every 3 years thereafter $180

Q. Is antifreeze considered hazardous in the state of New Hampshire?

A. No. Although antifreeze may have some hazardous characteristics, it is regulated as a Universal Waste, and all Universal Waste rules (an easier set of management rules) must be complied with.

Q. Can NHADA assist me with a facility inspection? What does it cost? Is it confidential?

A. Of course. NHADA offers to all members a free-of-charge, purely confidential environmental inspection service by its Environmental Specialist. The inspection is conducted to verify compliance with all applicable New Hampshire and federal environmental laws that affect your operation. The free inspection and its reports remain confidential between the Specialist and you at your facility.

Q. How can I sign up for an environmental compliance inspection?

A. Inspections can be scheduled through the Request a Visit link under the Environmental link on this Web site or by contacting the Environmental Specialist, Dan Bennett, at 800-852-3372 or at dbennett@nhada.com.

Q. Where can I find more information about environmentally friendly vehicles and the Granite State Clean Cars Program?

A. That is easy! http://www.cleancars.nh.gov/.