Dateline: NH, June 2018

Voluntary Benefits Can Help You Succeed

Laurie Churchill, Field Representative

As a business owner, you invest everything into the health of your business, making careful, strategic choices to maximize your company’s performance. One of the greatest investments you can make is in your employees — the lifeblood of your business whose well-being is crucial to your success. Attractive benefits can make the difference between whether a prospective employee accepts a job offer or not.

More employers than ever believe voluntary benefits will be a very important component of their total rewards strategy, and as a way to address a host of employee needs, offering choices and allowing employees to personalize their benefits.

Voluntary benefits are supplemental to core health insurance and 401K retirement savings plans and are typically employee-paid through payroll deductions. They can be a cost-efficient way to provide additional coverage to employees, who can purchase these plans through their employer at a lower, group rate.

While employers embrace traditional voluntary benefits, such as life and disability coverage, more often they are offering benefits to help employees and their families with their financial issues. Voluntary benefits, such as accident and critical illness insurance, can help employees offset the impact of out-of-pocket medical expenses associated with high-deductible health plans.

The good news is, improvements in enrollment technology are making it easier for employers to expand their voluntary benefit offerings — and the expanded choices are resonating.

NHADA’s new endorsed partner, Unum, offers diverse supplemental insurance options that can ensure your workforce has access to the coverage they desire. Their comprehensive benefits package can cover practically every aspect of their employees’ lives.

Each person’s life is different; employees need help understanding the variables that impact their coverage needs and in identifying the combination of benefits that’s right for them. That’s where csOne Benefits Solutions comes in. Employees may not hear a duck quacking, as with come carriers, but csONE Benefit Solutions will provide enrollment support for Unum Voluntary Worksite products as well as Flexible Benefits that include Flexible Spending Accounts.

It is clear that employees are increasingly interested in building financial security in areas beyond health care, as evidenced by the fact that participation in identity protection has increased from year to year.

Unum also offers free identity theft recovery simply by meeting with a csONE representative during a Voluntary Worksite benefits enrollment.

So when csONE contacts you, why not schedule that meeting with them?