Dateline: NH, June 2018

Larry Foss Departs NHADA Board of Directors

Four years that included a chairmanship wrapped up on May 16 at the NHADA Board of Directors meeting in Bow when Larry Foss of Foss Motors, Inc., stepped down and was celebrated for his contributions to the association.

Larry isn’t going far. He remains on AutoCAP, the panel of four NHADA members and four consumers who mediate when customers have issues with motor vehicle transactions they have had with NHADA members. Larry’s father, Laurence E Foss, was one of four original members of the panel in the late ’70s.

Additionally, Larry will continue with his long service on the NH Automotive Education Foundation Board of Direcors, on which he has served as president. Larry, whose father also served on the Board of Directors, served for six years on the board in the ’90s as well.