Dateline: NH, June 2018

20 for 20 – The Countdown is On

Jessica Dade, Industry-Education Alliance Manager & Workforce Recruiter

As business leaders, we all understand the reality that success requires reinvestment to sustain growth. This is exactly what the exciting “20 for 20” drive is all about — 20 days for $20,000.

NHADA’s expansive effort to plant the seed in high school auto tech students, and have it grow into a career in this industry, has resulted in record numbers of scholarship awards. While this is great news for the industry we will need to water and feed this process to sustain the massive growth; “20 for 20” will provide that catalyst.

The focus now, as it has always been, is not just to foster automotive tech education generally, but also to drive aspiring students in NH’s high-school level auto tech programs into degre programs within the Community College System of NH (CCSNH).

The biggest return on investment, will be when our industry gets the highest-educated automotive technicians possible within New Hampshire to supply our own workforce deficits. This is what “20 for 20” is all about.

With $40,000 in scholarships already awarded for the 2018-19 school year, we need to ensure that existing revenue streams not only remain solvent, but grow. By infusing $20,000 in raffle ticket sales early, we can all but guarantee that we will meet our obligations for this school year and sustain the growth moving forward.

We challenge everyone to consider going one step beyond buying raffle tickets. By sponsoring two auto tech seniors from your local Career Technical Center (CTC), you can really make this a reality.

How does it work?

Buy raffle tickets and donate them to the students at your local CTCs. Should the students win, the scholarships can only be used at the CCSNH auto, diesel and auto body degree programs.

This 20-day drive will end at the Relax’n Rally at the Mountain View Grand Resort.

We encourage all of you who haven’t already contacted me to do so today at to buy your tickets.

Let’s keep New Hampshire rolling now and into the future: Buy raffle tickets in students’ names today. Reach me if you have questions at