Dateline: NH, June 2018

2018 Legislative Session

The Best Offense Is a Good Defense

Daniel Bennett, Vice President of Government Relations

One of the busiest legislative sessions in recent memory has wrapped up. And, while NHADA initiated no bills, we worked on many and fought others. NHADA was successful on all fronts, having been involved with roughly one-fifth of the 1,000 bills filed. Our grassroots once again won the day!

This year six different bills were filed that would have adversely affected motor vehicle inspections — more than we’ve ever seen before in a single session. The most critical of these bills would have increased the interval for motor vehicle inspections from annual to every other year. Happy to say, it was defeated by a 258-70 vote — the strongest vote in favor of annual safety inspections we have seen. We will use that vote to carry momentum in years to come.

Likewise, we saw a bill to change the inspection interval for motorcycles from annual to every other year, and we worked for its eventual strong defeat. In our efforts, NHADA partnered with like-minded roadway safety organizations to ensure a strong coalition, which included the NH Motorcyclists Rights Organization (NHMRO), who provided vehicular failure statistics, and the American Automobile Association (AAA).

In a short time period this year, our grassroots efforts generated close to 20,000 emails. We encouraged our members and industry experts to testify before committees and to pack the rooms where important public hearings were held. It worked; our voice was heard loud and clear.

Over the course of the legislative session we:

• helped defeat a bill that would have given all new vehicles at least a three-year exemption from the vehicle safety inspection process;

• worked to defeat an effort to weaken the hands-free driving law;

• supported the codification of allowable rust in the vehicle safety inspection process;

• worked on a bill that would have negatively impacted youth riders on OHRVs;

• supported a bill to create an electric vehicle infrastructure study commission, on which NHADA now has a member;

• actively monitored bills that would have raised road-use registration fees on alternative energy and fuel-efficient vehicles;

• actively monitored a bill to create a family medical leave insurance program in NH;

• fought a digital right-to-repair bill that would have negatively impacted vehicle technology;

• fought multiple bills that would have raised costs on businesses for their workers’ compensation insurance;

• worked with the education committee to create alternative certification pathways for career-and technical-education instructors;

• improved two banking department bills impacting retail sellers and their advertising record-keeping burden and the consumer-complaint process;*

• monitored a bill that passed that allows dealers to operate an uninspected vehicle from its place-of-purchase to the business site within a 24-hour period.*

*details from NHADA will follow about effective dates

We supported a bill that established a legislative study committee that will review collision repair reimbursement rates by insurance carriers

As you can see, it truly was a very busy session for NHADA with some very important and critical bills to the state as a whole and to the health of your business. We could not have been successful with out your voice so Thank You!

Our Voice in Concord is Only as Loud as Yours at Home.

Contact me with any questions on legislative matters at or 800-852-3372.