Dateline: NH, May 2018

20 for 20: NH’s Auto Tech Industry Is On the Rise

Jessica Dade, Industry-Education Alliance Manager & Workforce Recruiter

Nationally, the automobile industry has faced a skilled worker shortage for years, and New Hampshire is no different. So it’s important to know, if you haven’t heard already: NHADA’s workforce recruitment efforts have been as successful as ever.

In fact, the provision of financial assistance to qualified students aspiring to become auto technicians in the Community College System of New Hampshire for the 2018/2019 school year was the most successful ever.

Our focus has been on identifying the most qualified students, with an eye on keeping them in NH to advance your businesses. The costs of this success will pay off for our industry in the long term. We nonetheless need to keep an eye on sustainability in the short term.

To fill our gap and keep pace with our financial goals, we are announcing a new campaign to bolster the scholarship coffers. Twenty days to raise $20,000 — “20 for 20”. This provides the necessary jumpstart for the event that accounts for the primary revenue stream of the scholarship fund of the NH Automobile Education Foundation (NHAEF) — the Big Raffle, which we’ll hold this year on Thursday, Nov. 8.

Starting on Tuesday, May 29, we will count down 20 days until the NHADA 2018 Relaxin’ Rally at the Mountain View Grande & Spa, planned for June 24-26. If every NHADA member commits to a purchase of one or more raffle tickets at $100, we will meet and exceed our goal.

Of course, more is better, but by having each member purchase at least one ticket early, we will help these students reach their dreams all the while providing your your shops with the best choices in auto technicians.

The NHAEF has allocated $40,000 for the upcoming 2018–2019 school year, and we’ve already been blessed to have awarded all of these scholarships to very qualified students.

This having been a banner year, we are looking forward to sustaining the pace. This is where we all come in. This is where we can all contribute and give back to these students that will benefit our industry.

The countdown for our Relaxin’ Rally is on, and for many aspiring students, their countdown toward their educational goals and careers in our industry has begun as well.

You will hear soon about the successes of the educational foundation. Be on the lookout to hear from our future automobile technicians and just what scholarship money means to them and their career pursuits.