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CDFA: Big Investments, Big Impact

Jun. 16, 2022 1:00 PM-1:30 PM


Location: Webinar
Duration: 30 Minutes

Tuition: Free

Who should attend:

  • Accounting
  • F&I Managers
  • Owners
  • General Managers

Betsy McNamara
CFRE and Principal of Full Circle Consulting

Katherine Easterly Martey
Executive Director, Community Development Finance Authority

Mike Kopp
Owner North Country Ford

About this Webinar:

CDFA: Big Investments, Big Impact

The New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) is an expert in community economic development. In more than 35 years and over $250 million in investments, CDFA has impacted nearly every community in New Hampshire by partnering with local organizations to create or retain jobs, affordable housing, vibrant main streets, and clean energy projects. In State Fiscal Year 2021 alone, CDFA infused more than $20 million into New Hampshire communities, supported 145 community-based initiatives and organizations across the state, and engaged 191 business donors.

CDFA investments attract additional community economic development dollars. Projects and organizations go through an intense vetting process before we make an investment. Other funders and investors understand that a project given the green light by CDFA is worthy of joining.

It is this combination of innovative community economic development ideas, strong entities to implement them, and investment by CDFA, that brings strength and resiliency to our New Hampshire communities.

But what about the innovative ideas or communities with tremendous need that do not have a strong organization behind them? Entities that, with additional tools and resources, will be positioned to bring these concepts to fruition and attract public and private investments in the future?

CDFA has come to understand that meeting community economic development needs in New Hampshire also means investing in the growth and sustainability of nonprofits. For many, a smaller investment in planning, assessments, or pilot projects now will generate big impact later.

Building Capacity for Longer Term Impact

CDFA introduced its Capacity Building Program in 2016 to invest in organizations at a pivotal moment of growth. The result? Not only stronger, more strategic organizations but new jobs, added childcare openings, expanded workforce housing, and new services and programs to meet growing community needs.

Take Lakes Region Community Developers (formerly the Laconia Area Community Land Trust) as an example. CDFA awarded LRCD a Capacity Building grant in 2017, which they used to conduct a market study and build a new business plan. Five years later, instead of focusing solely on land conservation and developing affordable housing, LRCD has broadened its community development work to include childcare and services for seniors and people in recovery. CDFA has partnered with LRCD on two new impactful economic development projects since its 2017 grant award.

This year, CDFA awarded a Capacity Building grant to Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship in Keene. CDFA has been a regular partner with Hannah Grimes and its work inspiring, educating, and supporting entrepreneurs over its 23-year history. Their impressive program metrics include, for example, an incubator program that boasts that 89% of its graduates are in business after 14 years, compared to a 27% state average.

Hannah Grimes will use the capital to delve into strategic and business planning needed for their stage of organizational development. This will give them the infrastructure, governance, and plans to grow and innovate at a new level. CDFA looks forward to partnering with them on economic projects going forward.

Investing in Success Now for Big Impact Later

Through the Capacity Building Program, CDFA and its donors strengthen organizations now with smart, strategic investments so they may create innovative, community-led economic development and infrastructure projects in the future.

CDFA seeks your business’s investment in this program to support innovative ideas and organizations throughout the state. Your purchase of tax credits will help organizations to grow at a pivotal moment in their development. The results are stronger community-based nonprofit organizations and an ongoing pipeline of community economic development projects around New Hampshire.

You may pledge online here. When you do pledge, CDFA will recognize your commitment in your market. CDFA will purchase ads in your local newspaper and NH Business Review, promote your pledge through your local Chamber of Commerce, and push out your commitment on social media. CDFA wants your market to know about your support of current and future community economic development projects.

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