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Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Post-Offer Physicals and Drug Testing programs are important tools in reducing Workers' Compensation claims.

Physicals ensure that new hires are not put at risk by engaging in work tasks that they may not be physically able to perform. Studies also show that employees who use illegal drugs are 65 percent more likely to file a Workers' Compensation claim.


For these reasons, the NHADA Workers' Compensation Trust (WCT) Board of Trustees mandate that WCT members implement these important hiring practices. The WCT Loss Prevention Department aids WCT members in developing these policies by providing job descriptions and model written programs. Also, the WCT Loss Prevention Department can assist members in finding providers of Post-Offer Physicals and Drug Testing services. NHADA has a network of providers that offers both high quality and affordability.

If you would like more information or assistance with Post-Offer Physical and Drug Testing programs, contact a Loss Prevention by email or at 800-852-3372.

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