The NHADA WCT is one of the most successful self-insured trusts in the State of New Hampshire. Started in 1982, in reaction to skyrocketing Workers’ Compensation premiums, the Workers’ Compensation Trust has successfully kept rates low and consistent, with none of the volatility found in the typical commercial workers’ compensation market. In addition, the Workers’ Compensation Trust has returned to our Members over 85 million dollars in rebates since our inception. Whatever money is left after claims are paid out is returned to the membership less an administrative expense.

Our energetic, knowledgeable loss prevention staff provides every member with two safety and environmental audits per year and industry specific onsite trainings. In addition, the loss prevention department hosts industry specific on-line trainings aimed at meeting all OSHA training requirements. We provide our members with annual OSHA 300 and 300A reports, on-line OSHA reporting as required and loss runs on a quarterly basis. The LP department assists in the facilitation of on over 100 member Safety Committees, and in the development of risk management programs and policies.

The WCT claims department handles all claims from start to finish. Claims are thoroughly and promptly investigated in-person, by a NHADA WCT claims adjuster. All members of the WCT are participants in a formal managed care program regulated by the NH Department of Labor. Our in-house Nurse Case Manager assists the injured employee in accessing the most appropriate medical treatment based on their injury. We focus on assisting the injured employee back to work as quickly and safely as possible, based on the physician’s release.This time-tested process has proven very successful in post-injury outcomes and controlling costs.

If you are interested in controlling your Worker’s Compensation costs through injury prevention and proactive claims management, you must join the NHADA WCT. We can reduce your premium and provide you with annual rebates.