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Reimbursement Accounts / Plan Docs

csONE Benefit Solutions offers administration of several pretax programs; Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, and Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Accounts.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Most employees have some medical, dental or vision care expenses each year which are not covered by insurance. Many employees also have to pay for child care so that they can work. But do these employees know that they can pay for these expenses with pre-tax dollars?

They can if their employer offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

If an employer provides its employees with the option of an FSA, they can set aside funds pre-tax to pay for childcare and/or medical expenses, like prescriptions, deductibles and copays. They can access the funds with a debit card or submit claims for reimbursement. csONE Benefit Solutions offers state-of-the-art technology allowing NHADA members to submit claims or debit card substantiation with their smartphone.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement

A Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) covers employees for certain specified medical expenses as determined by the employer and that qualify under Section 213. It is funded by the employer, not by salary reduction contributions from employees. HRA's can be a cost-effective way for employers to cover medical expenses. The employer can design the plan to cover a variety of healthcare expenses including; co-insurance Deductibles, prescription drug and office visit co-pays, dental expenses including orthodontia and Medical Reimbursement Accounts - Section 105.

Health Savings Accounts

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged savings account that is used in combination with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Employees who participate can use their HSA funds to cover qualified medical expenses—from co-payments at the doctor’s office to pharmacy bills, dental care, vision care, and more.

With an HSA, there is no "use it or lose it" condition. Unused funds remain in the account and continue to grow interest. HSAs are portable because they are employee owned. If they leave the company or retire, the account goes with the employee.

csONE Benefit Solutions offers technology tools to help HSA participants make the most of their HSA dollars. Accounts can be set to automatically sweep funds at a certain threshold into investments. Working with their partner, participants can select their mutual fund investments right from our consumer portal. They can view account details, request distributions, edit contributions and change beneficiaries right from their mobile device with our mobile app.

Plan Document Preparation

csONE Benefit Solutions can also provide preparation of pre-tax plan documents and non-discrimination testing. A Premium Conversion Plan, also known as a Premium Only Plan (POP) is a pre-tax plan defined via Section 125 of the IRS Code. If an employer is deducting insurance premiums from employee salaries pre-tax, a premium conversion plan must be in place. The plan indicates that employees pay for their share of group health, life, dental and disability insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars. (If the disability premiums are taken pre-tax, the benefit then becomes taxable).

Reimbursement Accounts can be adopted separately or in any combination by an NHADA member employer. They have low set-up and ongoing costs once in place. Overall, the plans can effectively reduce benefit costs, administration costs and burdens and provide tax savings for employers and employees alike.

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