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By: Chandler Ives, Creative Director

The New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association (NHADA), a non-profit trade association, revamped its digital presence through launching a new website. The site represents the association's near century-long evolution. We believe we now can provide members with valuable resources in an easy to navigate site. It's thoughtfully designed with features to suit the needs of our members, partners and everyday visitors.

“In an ever-changing technological world, we felt it was a great time to enhance our digital presence,” said NHADA President Pete McNamara. "Our members depend on the association to be a source of information and this new website will be an excellent resource for the New Hampshire motor vehicle industry."

The association broke ground on this half-year long project late last year. 

The website, built natively in HubSpot, features enhanced search capability and a blog that’ll feature topics specific to the motor vehicle industry varying from insurance to workforce development.

This multi-step redesign included the following phases:

Phase 1: Research and Discovery

The initial step in the website redesign process was to complete a full assessment of the current website. Our team carefully reviewed website traffic and behaviors. This information helped us decide where there was room for improvement.   

Phase 2: Wireframe Construction

Wireframes represent the underlying structure and navigation of the website. It is the website in its simplest form—grey boxes and placeholder text represent what will eventually become the site’s main content. It is a way for the designer to focus on the user experience from page-to-page.

Example below:


Phase 3: Design

Once we had a better understanding of our current audience, how they interact with the website and what their goals were, we broke ground on design. From the typeface, to the color scheme, to the way we handle image overlays—everything follows one strict guide.


Phase 4: Development

The new is developed natively in HubSpot, a full stack software suite for marketing, sales, and customer service. The website works directly with our contacts database so each time you visit the site we get to know you a little better, giving you a more personalized experience each time you revisit.

A note from your Creative Director:

The new website is part of a 2019 initiative to enhance our digital presence. Our blog, press releases, and resource index will fuel our social media channels. This will keep our members, partners and friends up-to-date. I hope you enjoy your experience on the new site just as much as I did designing it—cheers!


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Chandler Ives, Creative Director

As the Creative Director, Chandler oversees all visual content for the association, he works closely with the publisher to assure Drive: NH is filled with rich, aesthetically pleasing content. Additionally, he is responsible for the content on and all of the association’s social media channels. Outside the office he enjoys spending time with friends, family, and both playing and watching hockey—go Bruins!

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